Perth, Australia Occidental, 1951 - 1952

Perth, 21th March, 1952



21TH MARCH, 1952.

The New Year, COSMIC CEREMONY, conducted by the MASTER.

0 degree of Aries, 5th Year of Aquarius,

This Ceremony is celebrated each day at 7 am, by at least ONE person in the World,--at this time by Jose Manuel Estrada, VENEZUELA.

There are 7 important dates throughout the year, each one symbolic of one of the 7 Initiations:-


March 21st. Vernal Equinox, most important of all, 3rd Initiation.


May 1st, Druidic Ceremony, 4th Initiation.


June 22nd, the Summer Solstice, 5th Initiation.


September 22nd, Autumn Equinox, 6th Initiation.


October 8th1, Ceremony of the Avatars, the Masters, 7th Initiation


December 22nd, the Winter Solstice, 1st Initiation, (the Child born)


January 18th, the Birth of the New Leader of the Age, 2nd Initiation.





The Priest could be garbed in White, but on this occasion THE MASTER was in Saffron Robe. Seated on Saffron Cloth, he explained the whole Ceremony before it commenced. This was only a “token Ceremony”, for it was not taken at the exact moment of Time2.

The table was covered with white cloth. The cloth used on the Altar is divided into three sections, each bearing some ancient emblem of Symbology.´


The Ceremony is in 7 parts:-

  1. Consecration of the contents of the Altar, the Prayer, in French, to the Demiurge……Mercury.

  2. Consecration of the Officiant…..Jupiter.

  3. Purification of the Place, the 4 Cardinal Points….Mars.

  4. General consecration and blessing of the People, who say3 “I am not worthy to be a home for THEE; say but one word, and I shall be saved”…The Priest answers “DALETH”, which means the WAY, the DOOR, and he makes the Sign of the Cross, the 4 Daleths.

The Sun.

  1. The Individual Prayer, in Latin……Moon.

  2. Communion……Venus.

  3. Blessing, and de-consecration of the Altar……Saturn.


On Sundays, two more parts are added, corresponding to Uranus and Neptune…..

Between the 5th and 6th parts a reading from David ¨ [Psalms]…..Uranus.

Between the 6th and 7th parts there is a song for the inspiration of the spirit…Neptune.


This Mass is a White Magic Ceremony which has been used in all the old INITIATIC Sanctuaries. By esoteric reasons of Astrological Cause, this Mass has not been presented in public.

When the Sun entered the Constellation of Pisces, Jesus of Nazareth, the Avatar of the Age, transmitted such a Ceremony to his Disciple, Peter, to be presented for the good of Mankind. Through the ages, this ceremony has become debased in the Christian Churches.

Being INITIATIC, the origin of this Ceremony is lost in Antiquity, but it is the same in its essential form, which had been used by the Atlanteans, and later on by the Druids, and after that by the Essenes, and now by the Aquarians.

The INITIATIC knowledge is in strict relationship with Astrology, and therefore the Mass is based on the Symbolism of the 7 Planets. Hence the division into 7 parts.

The purpose of the Mass is to help, by these means, the people who have not yet reached Spiritual Sublimation.

This Ceremony is celebrated every Week-day, for the World’s service, at 7 am. Caracas local time, and Sunday at 10 am.

Caracas is situated on 66 degrees West of Greenwich, and 10 deg. SO North.

The duration of the Ceremony of 7 minutes on week-days, and 10 minutes on Sunday.

1 N.E.: October 7th.

2 N.E.: Time prescribed

3 N.E.: What follows corresponds to the sixth part of the ceremonial, in this same lesson. The two Words "The Sun" correspond to the fourth operation. Ref. 2nd Message: The Cosmic Ceremonial.