Perth, Australia Occidental, 1951 - 1952

Perth, 14th March, 1952





The Photo of the Drawing.

This is a representation of the 3 Leaderships in China. One man, in the centre is wiser by knowledge and understanding of the lesson books in the schools. The two attributes of a Doctor are his hat and hands, Symbols of the University, (mortarboard).

The second figure, on the right of the drawing, and the left of the Doctor, is wiser by experience. He is travelled or a hermit. He carries a big stick and a lotha. He has a very big head and is very old, for he has spent so which time listening, seeing, studying the natural during his road pilgrimages, but he has never learned in the schools or from books.

On the left of the drawing and the right of the Doctor, is the third figure wiser by the synthesis of the two. He has studied in the Schools but not this only. He is also a member of the Schools of Wisdom, of the Colleges of Initiation. The Symbol in the hand is a little child, but prematurely old. Still, it is a very young child, but it looks old, for, with all the reincarnations which it has had before it is very old. This is a Symbol of the Initiation. This third man, this third wiser, is the wiser by Initiation, College and University, but he also has a knowledge of the Secret Esoteric. He is learned in both the official way and in the occult way. He has also made an effort for his own experience.


Thus there are THREE possibilities of WISDOM:

  1. The University: the Doctor has the technical word. He can teach something without knowing what he teaches, but this is all. For his is book knowledge, limited to the study course prescribed. He just knows the official side. He has just studied what the man before him learned, and is therefore very limited in REALITY. This is the product of the Schools of today.

  2. This second Wiser can teach from experience, but cannot convince or convert. A University Degree does not matter, does not mean anything. Experience and experiment by the self is the life. He has travelled and thinks he knows all. But of what use is his experience if he is untrained. He does not really KNOW his subject.

  3. There is therefore the need to combine the two. The first one has Intellectual knowledge, and the second one has Universal experience. Then thirdly, he becomes a student of the School of Initiation, of the School of Wisdom. It is this Synthesis of the two, which gives a possibility to teach on the people. Before this stage is reached the self is not prepared.

Therefore, Initiation means not only the Degree of Ceremony, but also the day you receive confirmation from the state or condition where you were.

In this epoch, we need Reason and Feeling, Analysis and Revelation.

These two give, in combination, the third Wiser with the Child… ie he is not alone; he has made a transmutation from one to the other.

Thus the first has hat and hand only; the second has the stick and ball; but the third presents something for the future, -an organic child-, something which will GROW.


First the Doctor, second the Experienced Wiser, and third the Synthesis of the two by the entry into the School of Wisdom, which in its turn leads to INITIATION.