Perth, Australia Occidental, 1951 - 1952

Perth, 11th March, 1952



11TH MARCH, 1952.


The Aquarian Age is going to see the fulfilment of the Christian teachings as given by the great Nazarene Master. For this there are strict rules to be followed.

l.- Love God with all our heart, soul, mind, strength.

Then if any capacity for love remains.

2.- Love our “Brother” as ourself.

This is not only for our own nationality, culture or religion. Our love must be for all. It is not the sentimental love; it is the Christian love. “If you cannot hate father, mother, wife and children…. You cannot be My disciple. “Take up thy cross and follow Me”. Remember the answer of the Christ to those who asked for time first to mend nets, and to bury the dead.

It is hard to understand how we must give everything to the Divine. In India we see some who give all worship to the Divine. We say “fanatics”. But there is something in India which is worth understanding.

We notice in Sanskrit writing that there is always a line _________

Thus we can make no mistakes. If we think of the Divine, we place it ABOVE the line, if of the material thing, we place it BELOW. Thus we never write ABOVE the line. The people write down, that is they try to express Spirit on the Material Plane. If they try to write a Holy word, there is an indication above the line.

The sacred fire is linked with the saying, “You must be born again”, for by the holy, inner fire must come transmutation which makes a new the whole “man”.

In India there are 4 castes. This system we criticize. In the exoteric life we must try to suppress Caste. We must work for equality.

But the 4 castes represent all evolution.

  1. The Brahman, symbol of life coming to earth, when man was half god, the great priesthood of Initiation.

  2. The kshattriya, the warrior Caste, who forgot the service of the Priesthood, and tried to attain their end by force.

  3. The Merchant, The traveler for the wealth of this world.

  4. The Shudra, labouring Caste, the slave, the masses, the proletariate

More or less each 500 years, (the quarters of the 2000 years of a sign), represents the evolution of one of these four Castes. Thus all humanity is under the principle of these Castes.

Christ’s birthday came when the Masses were the movers. He tried to forget all the division of Caste, and tried to symbolize the next one, ……Initiation.

There is some secret in the teaching of Jesus. When John asks a question, Jesus says, “some more to tell that they are not yet ready for”… “no pearls before swine”…..

Thus about the year 500 sees the last of the Priesthood, when the last school of wisdom shut the door, and the church sought temporal energy and power.

From the 6th Century the Church suppresses the belief in Reincarnation, and the year 1000 sees the climax of dictatorship, the soldier Caste.

But 500 years later, 1492 Christopher Columbus, 1498 Vasco da Gama, the sailor, shipping, and commerce dominate the scene. Business and wealth is the order of the day, the Commercial man.

Another 500 years later, our own epoch to the year 2000 is the day of the people, the masses. In our politics it is the “people”, democracy, socialism, etc… But at the same time preparation is being made for the return of the great Priesthood, the Brahmin…

However, the Hindu has kept the letter but has forgotten the spirit.

Thus each 2000 years we see the four Castes in humanity. Here is a truth to investigate, for it is always so. The command to forget everything and to love God above all else does not apply to this present age. We have our nice churches, our glass of beer, the Trots, and God once a week. The rest of the time we forget Him. We are not in Union.

Yoga? The world does not want Yoga.

We interpret “Thou shalt not kill” as “Thou shalt not kill man”. We kill animals. But surely this is killing; in Genesis we read that God has herbs for food and not the flesh of animals, Ch 1: 29-31.

The third day God made the grass, the herb and the tress bearing fruit, for the nourishment of man.

Note the difference on the 5th day, two days later… (a day is a symbol meaning epoch, 3,328,000,000 a day of Brahm). The 5th day he made fish and birds only.

The 6th day God made the cattle and the swine.

Thus there are 3 categories:

-3rd day..vegetables.

-5th day.. birds and fish.

-6th day.. cattle.

But notice again what was created on the 6th day. Beside cattle o swine. Remember also there was another creation -- Man. Thus we are from the same group, from the same culture. We are not the same as fish, but we are the same as cattle. Cattle eat only herbs. If we eat blood, there is in the blood the soul; and for each soul we eat, there shall be asked back a Soul. Thus it becomes a crime. A crime made on a carrot is different from a crime made on a cow.

We are sorry for people who want to be Christian and yet who eat meat. Vegetarians do not, but Meat eaters do get toxic complaints.

So if we cat a corpse, (cow), we cannot call ourselves Christian. It is better to say, “Christian life is too difficult, too hard”, just as we say, “Yoga is too hard for me”.

There must be light on the Christian discipline to be followed. It is best to forget all names… Christian, Mohametan etc… The Koran, Ch. 2 verse 260 says, “Thou shalt not eat animal”. Ch 1:verse 168, “Thou shalt abstain from wine”.

The Buddhist and Hindu teachings also teach the same – eat no meat. Of course we still have the right to eat the meat, but why keep the name of Christian?

The new Psychology teaches us to have courage and to express ourselves.