Perth, Australia Occidental, 1951 - 1952

Perth, 19th February, 1952








Last Tuesday the Doctor was mentioning the Union between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, and he referred to the breaths, respirations which we take totalling 25,920 this number being the same as the number of years for one nutation1 of the earth, and he also mentioned the 72 pulse beats of the human being every minute which is the same number as the number of years which it takes for the axis to swing in one degree around the circle – Zodiac.

There are quite a number of other parallels in the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. For instance I suppose the most striking one is the atom which we also mentioned last week. No matter how big or how small it always takes on the atomic structure, the central sun around which float its number of satellites. There are quite a number of parallels between the two so there seems to be quite a good reason for saying “As above so below”. In fact we are beginning to realize it is Truth in all things. The reason that we don’t realize the Truth completely is just because we haven’t acquired sufficient knowledge. We haven't widened our understanding enough. The search is to see if we can find just how we are linked with the Great Universal. Not only to believe and to understand, but to make it part of ourselves. Not to be just a separate unit, but to be part of the GREAT ALL.

So I wish to discuss further tonight the Gates of the Body which are the CHAKRAS - the doors which are the entrance whereby our unseen bodies can make contact with our physical body. We know definitely that we are composed of solid, liquid and gas, and we also know that the Ethers are there as well forming part of our physical body. When a person goes on to an operating table he is given an anaesthetic, the other of the body is driven out and he loses consciousness. With the return of the other he regains consciousness. The etheric body is closely linked with the physical body, and is actually a physical thing.

Then we have the Emotions – feelings which are a body rarer still and invisible to the average human being. We are actually invisible, the reality of us because we are clothed in the flesh.

Then we have our Mental Body wherein works the Mind, the physical link for which is the brain. The Mind is a far greater thing than the brain, for the mind contains the universe and the brain is just the physical organ. For example when we see the Sun in our Heavens we actually see it in our mind. That is not the brain. The whole universe is contained in the mind. So everything is in our mind.

These tenuous bodies which we use belong to us, are part of us, are more fluidic. More in link with the Great All. The Astral Body is more in contact with the whole of the Astral plane than the Physical Body with the physical plane. The link with the Mental Body is nearer still – so close we are beginning to understand, to be at one, and ones we reach the mental consciousness we are all one, all united.

The Astral Body is nearest to the Physical Body but still linked with the Great Universal.

METHOD BY WHICH WE ARE LINKED: We are really linked with our bodies by the Chakras which are the doors whereby we become one. It is simply a matter of vibration. The denser the body the slower the vibration. The More rapid the body the more rapid the vibration.

We deal with the 7 Chakras because they are the ones which influence us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, Their location is on the spine though not in the actual physical sense, their real location being the Fluidic Column known as Sushumna to which I will refer later.

The Chakras are linked with our endocrinal centres and we are in reality our glands. Doctors today are realising and saying that we are our glands, which is proven by the fact that is these glands function correctly we are well, if not then we are ill. So we are indeed our glands. They are far more important than this garment of flesh which we wear.

CHAKRAS IN RELATIONSHIP TO THE BODIES: The physical body is governed by the two lower Chakras- MULADHARA and SVADHISTANA.

The higher bodies - emotions and mind are governed by ANAHATA and VICCUDHA, whilst the spiritual body is linked with AGNA and SAHASRA2 PADMA Chakras.

The people who have studied the Chakras from time immemorial have realised that they are in vibration accord with certain things, certain elements. If we accept this fact or not does not matter. If we don’t accept actually, we can accept symbolically.

For instance the Chakras 1 - 4 are in vibration accord with the four elements. MULADHARA – Earth. SVADHISTANA – Water. MANIPURA- Fire. ANAHATA-Air. (Refer to lesson or 18th. January for Chart depicting Chakras in their relationship to Man). Muladhara and Svadhisthana represent the foundation of our physical body, and the elements they symbolise, namely Earth and Water are also the foundation of our physical world, showing again the parallel between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.

Manipura at the Solar Plexus - reaching upward is very important, whilst Anahata is the fusion of the upward and the downward.

Note the symbols:-







When we are reaching upwards we draw upwards in every direction. “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills”. “Will draw all men up to me

When we are reaching downwards we drawn downwards in every direction.

The Tenuous – Viccudha – Thyroid is reaching well up into the emotional plane. “Straight is the gate, narrow is the way, few there be who find it”.

This statement is literally true, this reference to the narrow way, in many things. For instance when we realise that Man from the Manipura to the Head Chakras can be represented by this diagram

Solar Plexus to Brain

and we begin to understand that the vivifying and opening of the Chakras is amighty3 task, we realise that indeed the above statement is true.

Also the narrow passage in the Pyramids between the King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber symbolises4 the narrow way. In almost everything where we have an importance of movement from one point to another we have this narrowing down.

AGNA links us with our Spiritual Selves.

When we pray we usually focus our eyes upwards and slightly in. There is the link, the pulling up. With these two centres that are higher up (AGNA AND SAHASRA) we pass out of the physical elements altogether.

“God be in my head and in my understanding”. Linked with our Universal Selves in our heads.

CHAKRAS IN RELATIONSHIP TO THE PLANETS: We have the relationship between the Chakras and the Planets. We have learnt that the Planet, through the Astral, have certain vibratory effects and are in harmony with the vibrations of the Chakras.


- Saturn.


- Venus


- Jupiter.


- Mercury


- Mars.


- Moon)

The two great Luminaries


- Sun )

With regard to Viccudha represented by Mercury, when we realize the power of speech which Viccudha represents, we realise5 that Mercury “Messenger of the Gods” is a very fitting symbol for the speech organ. Without speech we would be as the animals, that is one of the things that divides us from the animal kingdom.

Animal have sounds, we have speech.

The two great luminaries which fill our life - the Moon which takes the minor position, and the Sun – Lord of our Being, govern those two Charas which give us our final illumination.

Now all these centres, these Chakras have a certain work to do and we have to take care of them to keep in health. The Chakras guard certain activities of the body. The four activities of the Earth, Fire, Air and Water are the same as the four activities of the body. Then we reach beyond the four elements and I suppose there is nothing as powerful as the Voice. It is said that the “pen is mightier than the sword” but in reality the voice is the greatest of all. With the expressions, qualities of the voice, one is capable of moving people to laughter or tears, to the heights or depths. The voice is a tremendously powerful thing.

“In the beginning was the word”

Without speech how can we convey our thoughts to each other?

So you see the Chakras are very important to our Life. Through them the Life Force is pouring in. There is a constant stream of Astral vibration coming through these Chakras and it is these that keep us healthy.

If we exercise them, or learn to exercise them, we can make them very great, not so much in size but in vigour, in illumination. As we exercise them they grow in strength and power. Each Chakra has a special function, a special symbol, colour, vibration, planetary counterpart etc..

To keep in good health, physically, mentally and emotionally it is our duty to discover what we should do to bring about the correct functioning of these most important centres. We therefore study the great power that lies within us known as:-

KUNDALINI: Kundalini referred to as the Great Serpent Fire vivifies through its movement, the whole of our body… It supports our whole life, binding us to Mother Earth, because the earth is our Mother from which we sprang. Electricity is one of the forces the manifestations of Kundalini, and when we think of electricity as being one of these qualities of earth we understand again the parallel. We must touch the earth to make use of the electricity.

Kundalini is called the Serpent because it is twined, reacting in the Muladhara Chakra waiting for development. It is called Fire because of its qualities. As Kundalini is roused it vivifies the Chakras on its way. It is a very very strong force, so strong that it is just as well it lies sleeping for if we are going to awaken Kundalini we have to know what we are doing.

THE TWO FORCES: The two Forces, Positive and Negative belong to all things. Together they form the manifestation. Without the two aspects of the Trinity we could not have the third.

PINGALA and IDA represent these two polarities. Pingala being positive and represented by6 is the right side of the body and also the frontal aspects of the body. Ida being negative and represented by7 is the left side of the body and also the back of the body.

With the two great forces of Pingala and Ida working in unison there is given the possibility of the movement of Kundalini along the column Sushumna. With this movement of Kundalini and the consequent vivifying of the Chakras we gain in power and evolution. We have finished with Involution - the fall of man into matter - and we are now moving upwards to Divine Evolution. After our bodies become fit to receive the rising of Kundalini we are going to become greater than we are.

Before God all Souls are equal - that is in potential. Actually when we look around us in the physical realm we realise that we are not actually equal in this state. There is richness and poverty, sickness and health, inequality of brain power etc. and therefore in the physical sense all are not equality - we must acknowledge that fact. Everywhere around us we see inequality, but we all have the same possibility, the same potential.

So if Kundalini is going to rise we must see to it ourselves that we are moving upwards, because if Kundalini is roused and goes down the power is going to be used for physical use and Kundalini is for our Spiritual Life. Therefore for Kundalini to rise for the spiritual purpose for which it is intended we have to be prepared, we have to be finished with this earth and all its attractions.

There are three conditions of Man on Earth so interesting in his life here. Wealth, Power, Advancement.

As we realise that we cannot take our wealth with us and we realise we cannot keep our children, our loved ones, cannot hold the things we want, it is then we seek another expression of life. Until then as long as we love anything of this earth we must live in it.

With the commencement of the rising of Kundalini we begin to feel this earth is not our real home, we begin to realise there is something better.

As we become illumined we begin to live to remember the whole 24 hours of our life. We begin to remember our dreams. The 24 hours begin to be one continuous whole.

With Manipura Chakra we begin to sense our link with other things. We begin to get their vibration.

With Anahata Chakra we begin to feel at one with all humans. There, we get the Brotherhood beginning to creep in. That is why the heart is the important region.

With Viccudha our higher faculties are opened. We become clairvoyant, clairaudient have extra sensory perception.

With Agna we begin to realise our Union with the Great All. “Deep calleth unto deep”. “I will come in an8 sup with thee.”

Spiritual depths calling unto physical depths. They meet and we become illumined.

With Sahasra- reintegration.

The Alchemist of old transmuted lead into gold meaning from Muladhara to Sahasra.

For Your Contemplation (From John Masefield)

“So shall I fight, so shall I tread.

In this long war beneath the Stars,

So shall a glory wreathe my head,

So shall I faint and show the scars,

Until this case, this clogging mould

Be smithied all to kingly gold”9


At the conclusion of the lesson given by Miss Nagel comprising the various facets of the teachings of the Aquarian Mission, Dr. de la Ferrière delivered a further talk to the Students.

I am convinced that we all need to go through this understanding of the Chakras. It means that the Chakra teaching is the basic teaching for understanding of philosophy and science. We must realise that it is only a very few who understand something about the Chakras. The “man on the street” generally speaking has never heard about the Chakras. It is a pity when we realise that in the 20th Century, the human being of today, the brain from the 20th Century-about which we are so proud - are just beginning to receive the teaching about the Chakras. In the University in Paris, Sorbonne and the High School New York the teachings of the Chakras have just commenced. In the universities here we don’t have that teaching so it is that we go outside the universities to just start and give the teaching here in the beginning.

I feel myself very sorry for that when we realise that in Tibet or in India it is part of the Life. It means that in those countries everyone has not an understanding only of the two eyes, the two ears etc. They KNOW we have 7 Chakras.

We just commence today in our medical science to know something about the Endocrinal Glands. We just start in medicine to know the existence of these glands that we call Chakras in the East and Endocrinal Glands in the Western World. The doctor of medicine today knows just a little about the Thyroid. Talk to him about the Pineal and Pituitary and he is lost, but 20,000 or 25,000 years ago they know about these glands in India.

Why are we so proud about the White Race, about the Western World? We just don’t know anything. To prove my point, I would like to see the architect of today make a Pyramid as in Egypt. I would like to see the architect of today place two very big blocks, as used in the construction of the Pyramids, 7 metres (approx. 8 yards long) one and another without the use of cement - reference the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt. Three, five, seven thousand years ago they accomplished this feat, but still today we do not know how to do it.

I would like also if somebody can tell me how they made the galleries inside the Pyramids, because it took 100 years, 1,000 - we don’t know. It takes a long time to construct a building like a Pyramid, and if they make galleries inside they must have light to do that. We must find same trace of the means of light that the used - oil giving smoke, but we don’t find any trace of the smoke. What was it they used to see clearly inside the galleries? You know they made secret temples under the galleries.

There is a theory that Egypt was a colony of Atlantis, and you know it is very well known that the Atlanteans had the Pituitary in complete development. The AGNA CHAKRA, giving the eye of Cyclops, giving also the LIGHT. Some people have drawn the picture of the Atlantis People with the big eye in the centre of the fore - head. From there comes the mythology of Cyclops. I don’t want to have a discussion about the Third Eye. It is just a theory that I explain to you. But the Egyptians have a light of same kind, a light made by themselves. Why could this not be so when even today we find that there still exists a fish that has a light on the top of his nose. Why then cannot the human being have a light?

It is known that the Atlantis people were a very, very intelligent and very advance people. Still we have some vestige of that and we have found some philosophy of Atlantis. Some of you may have read my article in the Readers’ Digest November, 1950.

In Brazil there is a very big Temple in the centre of Matto Grosso, a very important vestige where we have found letters, and the letters we have found are supposed to be Atlantean letters more or less - the same letters that the Atlanteans used. So it gives us an understanding that there was a connection between one continent and another.

In Antique Egypt when they want to talk about Water they say “ATL”. In the Antique Language of Mexico they also say “ATL”. This ATL is also the prefix of the Atlantis Ocean which divides Mexico from Egypt, but we feel there must have been a connection before.

Coming back on Atlantis you knew this continent submerged more than 10,500 years before Christ, just at the time that the Planet Juno exploded. Juno was between Mars and Jupiter, and when the vernal point was on longitude of Alpha Cancres10, the explosion of Juno took place, giving a perturbation on our Planet which caused the submerging of Atlantis and the rising of another Continent.

Always on this planet we have the submerging of one continent and the rising of another, but always there remains a small vestige of the former continent. With the traces that are left, graphies, we can ascertain what was the advancement of these people, and we always see from the history of humanity that with these catastrophes their knowledge was directed to the material science, the material way of living.

I’m afraid today when I see all the knowledge from the scientific people - what they are doing with it.

Of course the atomic disintegration is not very new. You have to know that. There are a lot of old philosophies from Greece who know something about the atom, but they just didn’t use the practical method of the disintegration of the atom. They knew the theory, and it was known by these people that the stem give the possibility of the life. When we find something new we always went to use it in the material way. It is not very nice when we realise that with the constructive idea, it is put always for use in the destructive purpose.

It is told that this catastrophe of Atlantis caused by the explosion of the Planet Juno, was the result not only of this planetary explosion but because of the perturbation in the Cosmos resulting from the perturbation of the Human Thought.

In reality we have to understand the power of the thought. When all people are thinking alike, when all people are thinking the one thought - it gives a corresponding result.

THOUGHT IS CREATIVE - you have to realise that.

When all Humanity has the Chakras moving, all Humanity can make a force in the Astral. In the time of Atlantis everyone had KUNDALINI rising, everyone was in possession of the complete light of these Chakras. It was a tremendous power in the Astral atmosphere, and the day that the Atlanteans have made the wrong perturbation, that is the day the planet Juno exploded and changed the Axis of this Earth - the submerging of the Atlantis continent.

Wall, if we are not Initiate, if we don’t have all this power that these people had, still we realise that Thought is Creative. We know that when we want something REALLY you have it. When you have the “magic” power you are a real Yogi and can have what you like. You can transport the body, the house or the hill from one place to another, and we understand it is possible because it is only by the knowledge of the disintegration of the atomic force that you can disintegrate and reintegrate somewhere else.

If we know the process of disintegration of the vibration, we know how to change the form. Everything is just vibration.

If you have a piece of ice, and on this ice you place a hot iron, you turn the ice to water. It takes the two elements to produce the third. You change the form, the matter only, by putting the fire, the heat on the ice.

We know that in the physical plane it is a little experiment and you can have this experiment in everything. With the tremendous power of KUNDALINI – AGNI INRI – FIRE - that we have in ourselves.

It is from there comes I N R I on the Cross of the Christ. INRI has been translated to mean JESUS NAZARETH REX IEUDI (Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews), but also it means IGNE NATURA RENOVATUR INTEGRA (With the Fire of Nature one must renovate completely).It makes us understand that it is the real transmutation spoken of by John the Baptist. “You must be born again”.

You must be born again with this fire that we have inside.

Many times we use the word “Fire” for the symbol of the power that is within us. Kundalini the Serpent is the Fire and when he travels through the Chakras he burns one thing but he illumines something else. He burns all the materialistic point of view but he gives illumination on the spirit. When Kundalini has completed his journey through all the Chakras he has burned all the materialistic point of view and he is in the higher vibration.

Well, if we are today, everyone with the thought not in the perfect vibration, what is going to happen to the world tomorrow? Because everyone makes a psychology with his thought, with his vibration – what is he making?

It is what I call the “Psychology of the New Age”. Everyone is talking about war because everyone is thinking about war. Better by far to make a psychology about Peace – and that brings us back on this idea of disintegrating something to reintegrate something else. I am sure everyone knows the experience, the transporting from one object to another11, the transporting from some connection in some other place. We see that very often in India and Tibet.

I give you a little illustration. When I was in India I have a Guru. I had just left him in Chamoli in the Himalayas to walk to another place along the road about 6 or 7 miles distant. I left my Guru to go with one of my Chelahs saying to him that I would see him later. Well we had just walked one or two miles and we see there just on the road about 100 yards ahead of us my Guru! You remember we had left him some time ago – he is a very old man and cannot walk as fast as us. He could not get ahead of us and anyway we don’t pass him on the road anywhere. So I said to him “Hello Guru, what are you doing here?” He replied, “Nothing – I just come”.

I’m a very positive man you know. It is just my second month in India and I have to confess I don’t believe things easily – all these things I hear about India and Tibet. Also I am just from Paris and New York where I have been lecturing.

So what has he done, my Guru? I never was hypnotised12, and I don’t think anyone can hypnotise13 me.

Well it is very easy for the Guru to transport himself from one place to another. He just disintegrates the body by the contraction of the glands with the Astral Body – he goes somewhere else and materialises14 or reintegrates again in the Physical Body.

It is here that I am very sorry for the Western World. In India, 20,000 25,000 years ago they know all about the Chakras, and here we just try to know today IF it is possible.

We believe only in the physical, only in what we can see with our 5 senses. Remember also these senses are imperfect. Like the Hindus say, in REALITY the physical is not there. It is illusion. It is there in the physical world – yes, but in reality it is Maya – Illusion.

Our eyes are not perfect as the eyes of these people in the past ages. We have 5 senses, but they are imperfect. When the 5 are perfect then you can see by yourself the rainbow complete in the sky. Now you just see a curved line with some colours15, but you know that in REALITY the rainbow is 7 times bigger than what you see. What we see of the rainbow is just a little portion. We have proof of the actual size of the rainbow because with some special and very very scientific apparatus we can see the different colours16 that we don’t see with the naked eye.

With scientific apparatus we can see the infra red and the ultra violet bands at either end of the rainbow. These are very large bands and cannot be seen with the naked eye, because with the eyes we can catch only a very small part of the vibration.

We don’t see completely - why? Because we only see between so much and so much vibration, and everything is vibration - more dense or more rarified. Therefore we must escape from the confines of our visuality. For instance, we have a chair, we say there is a chair but in REALITY it is more than just the chair - it never finishes. The chair is illusion, in reality there exists more than just the chair. People would say that such a statement is silly because they can feel the chair. Yes, that is so. You feel the dense vibration of the chair, but the vibration is much more than just the dense vibration that you feel. We can see only from one point to another point because we see the vibration 5,300 but beyond that we don’t see.

It is the same with our body. In reality we are not only the physical that we see, we are not just the little things that we see and hear. We are very important, but we don’t see all these other bodies that we have in reality. They are in different states of vibration. So much and so much vibration we call the physical body. So much and so much vibration we call the Astral Body.

It is only when we attain the development of the Chakras that we are no longer limited by the 5,300 vibration.

The Atlanteans had reached on this plane of development, they had the possibility to be everyone and everything.

To attain the development of these Chakras what we try to do again today is some work.

PSYCHOLOGY OF THE NEW AGE: This brings me to the point of what I always term the “Psychology of the New Age”. I don’t want to say that most of the people of the New Age are “unbalanced”, but there is an unbalance at this time. I have made several lectures in America with psychologists and I have asked them what they feel want they think is the state of the New Age.

They confess they are unable to resolve completely the problems of the Human Being of today. They are looking for an answer and were interested in the lecture that I gave about the Psychology of the New Age because it gave an answer on their own problem. It gives very real system to resolve the problem. It is the Yug method– Union- Identification. It means that we start to develop the psychic man, not only the physical man.

It means that you have to transmute your physical body, and if St. Paul knew of this 2,000 years ago I don’t know why we take so long to just begin with the physical.

I feel very sorry, when in different parts of the world today where we give the teaching of YOGA, how still it is not understood. People see the physical exercise - they don’t understand that it is not just physical exercise. Yoga is in reality the SCIENCE OF THE CHAKRAS the spiritual alchemy. From the lower plane to the sublime plane. That is in reality Yoga. The sublime.

All knowledge that we have we have to try to transmute to the spiritual in order to become YUG, to be in Union with everything. YOGA - YUG, means identification. We must realize there exists another world, not only the physical - then we really feel the Brotherhood.

No restriction by personality, by race, creed or colour17. We realize we are all the one. There will come a day when we really feel we are brothers, one, Yug.


1N.E.: Precession. Refer to note No. 1 conference February 12, 1952.


3N.E.: a mighty

4N.E.: symbolizes

5N.E.: realize

6N.E.: Blank space in the original

7N.E.: Blank space in the original

8N.E.: and

9N.E.: Taken from the poem "A Creed"

10N.E.: Alpha Cancri

11N.E.: It is not transporting matter, but rather vibration, information, such as information - properties that make up an electron, which may suggest its "dematerialization" in a space-time location and its "materialization" in another space-time location

12N.E.: hypnotized

13N.E.: hypnotize

14N.E.: materializes

15N.E.: colors

16N.E.: colors

17N.E.: color