Perth, Australia Occidental, 1951 - 1952

Perth and Venezuela, 19th December, 1951




QUESTION 1: What is the Zodiac? Draw it with its Signs and Regents’ Signs.

ANSWER: The Zodiac or Animal Round is an imaginary belt or zone in the heavens, coinciding with the Sun’s ecliptic, and so named because of the Animal names of the twelve Signs, (Ram, Bull, Twins, Crab, Lion, Virgin, Balance, Scorpion, Centaur, Goat, Water-carrier, Fish), each of which occupies 30 degrees of the Circle. This circle is the path of the Sun, Moon and Planets, as they appear to go around us; it is the Wheel of Life representing the twelve lessons of Human Experience, and it is influence is constantly streaming upon our Earth.


What is the difference between the Pisces influences and Aquarius influences?

ANSWER: The Piscean or Fish age began with the birth of Jesus, and during this era studies were made in secret, it being a negative epoch of blind belief and darkened spiritual understanding; watery and mutable, the expression is through the emotions. With the Sun moving into Aquarius, the ancient wisdom is no longer to be taught in secret; it is a positive era of light and knowledge, from which will come understanding, the mind of man replacing the emotions as the medium of expression, and Science playing and equal part with Religion towards self- realisation1. Co-operation instead of separatism is the promise of Aquarius.


QUESTION 3: What is Initiation?

ANSWER: Initiation is a step in the progress of unfoldment, bringing greater realisation of unity of being, thus enabling one to process to deeper studies of wisdom.


QUESTION 4: What is an INITIATIC College?

ANSWER: An INITIATIC College is a place for meditation, study an instruction for those who have prepared themselves, by preliminary studies and disciplines, for the esoteric teachings, whose understanding and observance lead to more self-unfoldment towards Reality. It is under the guidance of a Master.


QUESTION 5: What is the difference between an INITIATIC College and studies’ centre plainly occult?



ANSWER 5:- A Studies’ Centre is a “door’ which is open to any who wish to attend; here is given the basic teachings of such Occult studies as Yoga, Astrology, Religions, etc. It is a preparatory class for those who wish to fit themselves for a fuller training. An INITIATIC College is not open to all; it is for those who are prepared to do and to be as well as to learn. It is under the guidance of a Teacher who has already trodden the Way, and who is satisfied that each pupil has fitted himself for this greater responsibility.


QUESTION 6: What does the Mercury Symbol represent?

ANSWER: The Mercury Symbol represents the Manifestation of soul linking Body and Spirit.




As Messenger of the ‘gods’, it is the go-between; as symbol of “mind”, it is the place where Matter reaching up in Lower Mind, can link with Spirit reaching down to Higher Mind, once more a go-between.



It is a great pleasure for me to know that you are studying, and I am very satisfied with the answers to me questions, which you have sent in your last letter. Thank you.

The spiritual interchange of letters and studies is the symbol of the fraternal union between Australia and Venezuela or the Orient and the Occident. Probably I shall get soon an opportunity to see you there.

The answers to my questions are perfectly well, and I lament that we are unable to express better our ideas in your language, but I see that you can understand me.

The drawing of the Zodiac is perfect too. There are two Zodiacs, one of which is the intellectual or imaginary and the other is the natural or astronomic. The natural one represents the constellations and the intellectual his symbolical influences. There is no objection to be made to the other questions.

Let me have please a picture of the group and if you cannot do it send me please one of yourself, however I hope that the group will satisfy the petition of the director as soon as possible.


Australian Brothers:

With the Sun moving into the Sign of the Goat I send you my best Christmas and New Year Salutations wishing with all the power of my spirit that you may realise the true signification of our Mission and that the illumination may recall you to the Cosmic Reality, awakening the Peace and Felicity in your souls.

The sublime powers of the Heaven are demanding with urgency in the present time the co-action of all good-willing men to join in groups for superior studies, implanting in this way the reign of the spirit on the Earth.

You have to realise that your group is the first in Australia but not the only. When more spiritual centres will have your country, more will be the felicity of the people. Our Mission is to form more and more groups in order to transform the social face of our Planet. We are not in right to rest while the world are losing himself in the spiritual ignorance. We are responsible for the destiny of the world.

I beg you to understand this my brothers and so you will realize the Mission of the Master and the Director.

With my sacerdotal blessing and the best Christmas and New Year wishes, I remain,

Yours very truly,

Jose. M. Estrada (Gelong).

Gran Fraternidad Universal

Seccion Venezuela.

Templo de la G.F.U.

Guamito a Minerva,


Venezuela, South America.

1 E.N: Typo found on the original text, it should be ”realization”

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3. E.N.: Comments sent from Venezuela