Perth, Western Australia, 1951 - 1952

Perth, 29th June, 1951





FRIDAY, 29nd JUNE, ´51.



PERFECT BALANCE Between Macrocosm & Microcosm.


Between Parahatma and Jivatma.

The above chart indicates the Involution of the Divine to Man and the Evolution of Man to the Divine.

In reality the Great Divine (Fig. 6) has brought us into manifestation from His enormous power house – All Power, Omniscience. There is an inclination on the part of Man to forget that the Spiritual is the real thing, and to over emphasise the importance of the physical body. Fig. 1 shows the comparative value of the physical body which corresponds with Muladhara Chakra. Fig 2 shows the value placed by Man on the physical body, whilst Fig. 3 denotes the Astral Body (aura surrounding the physical body), which corresponds with Anahata Chakra. It will be seen that the actual value of the Astral body is far greater than the actual physical body. The Astral body is the important body to the Divine because the Divine pours down through the astral body for manifestation in the physical. (This body is called ‘Astral’ because it shines so beautifully, the word ‘Astral’ meaning Star.) According to the development of the individual, so then the corresponding manifestation of the Astral Body.

Fig. 4. denotes Astral and Physical in the Divine, whilst Fig. 5 shows Man as only a point in the Divine, corresponding with Sahasra Padma Chakra (Man’s reintegration in the Great All).------ By means of Meditation we draw our thoughts away from the physical manifestation and realise the enormity of the Spiritual.

TRIANGLES: Pointing downwards represents Involution, those seeking manifestation in matter - negative - (represented also by the two negative symbols of Astrology, Earth and Water).

Pointing upwards represents Evolution, those making the return journey to the Divine – positive – (symbolised also in Astrology by the positive symbols, Fire and Air).

The double Triangle represents the perfect balance between Macrocosm (the Big Universe) and Microcosm (the Little Universe), the equilibrium between Parahatma (The Greater Self) and Jivatma (The Personal Self).

1. SENSORY LEVEL: (Primitive Man). Thoughts fixed on purely physical. No control of emotions; manifested in animal kingdom also. “Primitive” Man means any being of that level in any and all parts of the world.

2. EMOTION & DESIRE: (Modern Mass Type). Emotional realm is the greatest realm manifested in this world at the present time. Majority of human beings live in their emotions. Quite a high standard, elevated from the purely physical.

3. LOWER MIND: (Modern Intellectual). Represents Humanity interested in this life as the important phase. Think in the objective sense, everything has to be seen. Some of the greatest modern brains have come from this group. Especially the leaders of Science.

4. HIGHER MIND: (Yogi). Represents those people who are realising that this earth is not their real home, and who are turning away from this world because they want to realise the Divine, and not function only on the Intellect, the Emotions or the Physical. These people are beginning to think for themselves, and are knocking at the door which will be opened. People of all types are drawn to this realm, reaching up into the great Intuitive Plane.

5. PERFECTED MAN: (ATMA. Spirit). Can focus himself at any time on any plane and has complete control of all his bodies. ATMA - the Great Spiritual Plane linking with the two Chakras in the head. Reintegration in the Great All. Linking with Man’s Destiny.

(NOTE): The Mind has two distinct groups. Objective, concrete, seeing. Abstract: Ability to realise without concrete proof.