Perth, Australia Occidental, 1951 - 1952

Perth, 13th April, 1951


Friday, April 13th1951. (Cremorne).

FO-HI, Chinese philosopher, has made a system of philosophy, of science, and of life, with the Key in these 8 KOUAS. The basis of theKOUA is the YANG, (Pingala, positive), and the YINN, (Ida, negative). These subtile principles exist in everything, according to the Polarity of YANG and YINN, to make the different things. (Ref. sulphur, mercury, salt of last week´s lecture.)


The symbol of YANG is

The symbol of YINN is

Thus we symbolise Heaven as perfect, positive, objective, ie .

On the other hand Earth is three times YINN ie .

Disease comes from excessive polarity if YINN. Thus in Chinese medicine they puncture with needles to infuse gold or silver, YANG or YINN according to need. From these 8 combinations they make a system of Astrology. In this way they have only 8 Signs instead of 12. The 8 Kouas can make 64 combinations

Chart 2 gives the 16 basic Roots of Chinese. There are in all 409, making [------] 2.000 glyphs, which make 10.000 characters, (little drawings).

In the Chinese Dictionary there are 42.000 characters. In Chinese there is no ABC but different Roots. The numbers 1,2,3,4, etc, at the side agrees with the Hebrew Alphabet, in numeric value only, The Hebraic alphabet is the base and the Chinese is placed with it. In Occultism, these 16 roots are the important and interesting ones. (Ref. the writing, “The Tau of the King”, by Lao-Tse.)



The Signature of Solomon (A), and the Seal of Solomon (B).

This is called the CLAVICULE of Solomon, (Ref. similarity to the collar- bone, clavicle). This gives the instruction of the Holy Traditions of the Hebrews, (the Kabbalah). The picture in A is the plan of the galleries of the Temple, and gives the direction.



The 4 Hebraic letters are:





Note:- The feet of each letter are turned to the centre of the circle. (Note the corruption of the form of Beth).

In the Magic Ceremony they [---] employ this PANTACLE, the CLAVICULE of Solomon. It is a neutral PANTACLE, and, made in lead, it is always a protection against everything, especially against thunder and evil spirits.

The T, (Tau), in the centre is an Egyptian symbol of Initiation. It is the last letter of the Atlantean alphabet, and thus, in the Temples of Atlantis, it is the Symbol of the last step of Initiation.

In Egypt, the T, (Hammer), was used at the last room, to prevent the infiltration of the uninitiated who failed at the last password. Thus, in Freemasonry, the use of the Hammer to eliminate the uninitiated.

Christ on the Tau,, never on the Roman Cross . It was His last Initiation, hence the tau. (Note:- the Head of the Christ appears to shape the Roman Cross.)

The Rosicrucians, (Christian Kabbalisit), take the Tau as their Symbol. The Tau is also a Symbol of the two polarities, of the two numbers of Heaven and Earth. In the Bible “Cross and multiply” is a Key.

Ref, the four readings of a number:-

Positive Reading:

Negative “ :

Masculine “ :

Feminine “ :


1591 (backwards).

1915 (from out to in).

9151 (from out in to out.)



Chart 4 shows the 6 Signs revealed to Solomon by METRATON, who is supposed to be an angel. These are the basis of many Symbols. Ref. Freemasonry - and Rosicrusians - - -

They are the 6 Keys of understanding for all the secret sciences.