Perth, Australia Occidental, 1951 - 1952

Perth,12th April, 1951


Thursday, April 12th 1951. (Cremorne).*



( )


(in the Great All)



-LIFE (the father)

To be silent

Christic Plane

-FORM (the son)


- THOUGHT (Holy spirit)

To dare

Initiation (Abnegation, master the 2 principles).


– Spirit (Divine Body)

To will

-Psyquic (Astral Body)

To know

Knowledge, (Occult+Magic, Psychic Powers)

-Matter (Physical Body)

Illumination, (Duplicate Love and Ideal).

Difference betwween Man and Animal

Mental (Superior) Plane

Mental (Inferior) “

EXTASIS, (Trance, Medium)

Materialism, (Positism, Ego).

Macrocosm -

- Collective Consciousness ( Animal Instinct)

Encarnation(666), ( Necesity of Perfection).

- Cellular Intelligence ( Vegetable Sensation)

Astral Life, (Incorporation in Human Chain).

-Molecular Principle ( Mineral Reaction)

Spirit Birth, (Energetic Propulsion).

If we give God a name, we mix the Vibrations. (Ref. GOD -364 vibrations, Allah -600 vibrations), and thus the sympathetic aspect is cut. Lao Tse says,” Be silent, be quiet”.


Instead of saying, “In the beginning, God created--- “, we should say, “In the Principle, Elohim manifested --- “, etc.

Thus begins the ARCHETYPE which manifests in three ways, LIFE, FORM, THOUGHT.

The FIRST Mistery is Life, there must be a visible Form, and Thought is the Principle of it¨s manifestation, and evolution. All accept this Trinity.

Under the ARCHETYPE, we have MICROCOSM, Man in three parts, Spirit, Psychic, Matter.

In the MACROCOSM, the Animal Instinct is collective consciouness; no individual Soul. A dog thinks and no more. There is no understanding of Race, Nationality, etc.

The vegetable Instinct is only a sensation, a cellular intelligence; there is Interior Feeling.

The Mineral Instinct is a molecular principle. Give the mineral a shock and it moves, but there is no Soul.

These Reactions are called INVOLUTION.

In so far as the Mental Plane is a biological emanation, we are animal. The difference arises when we begin to study a principle of Evolution , and the movement is to the Superior

Mental Plane. It is a principle that after Action we get Reaction. Thus after INVOLUTION comes EVOLUTION.

When from the Great All there exists on emanation, (ref. A proton), we see all the Rays, Alpha, Beta, Gamma etc. But when the UNMANIFEST comes into MANIFESTATION, here begins INDIVIDUALITY. From the central Proton comes the Electron around it. Thus we are an emanation from the Great All.

It is an ENERGETIC PROPULSION, there is no willing, no why, only Fact.

After the Psychical the ASTRAL forn is necessary in the Chain of Evolution.

We can¨t kill. We may cut something in two, but always something remains.

The Astral Body is necessary for purification.

The SPIRITUAL Body gives the ENERGY which is necessary for progress.

While in MATTER, the aspect is EGO-CENTRIC. But, even as a bottle reflects the light of the candle, so the Individuality is a reflectin of God. Thus we are the same in INDIVIDUALITY, but separate Bodies in PERSONALITY. Therefore, if we would escape from the PERSONALITY, the Inferior Mental Plane, the Ego-centric, the pride of degrees and cualifications, we must make ABNEGATION, of this materialism, SUBLIMATE the1

Individuality, and reach the State of EXTASIS, (is by prayer, no need of mediumship; Church ceremonial; incense, which kills the faculty of Reason, song, etc.)

After EXTASIS comes the beginning of EVOLUTION, for with Religion, we become MAN, we start the Path the Tau.

ILLUMINATION: - we forget the Personality, in sublimation by Love and Ideal. Illumination is a state of Auto-suggestion.

KNOWLEDGE gives Psychic Powers, the Synthesis of the Thesis and Antithesis. Knowledge of the visible and invisible worlds. i.e. 5 is not 5; it is 6. For 5 is made by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This makes 15 which is 1 plus 5 = 6. 1,2,3,4, is the invisible part, 5 is the visible part.

INITIATION in the school of Wisdom. The Aquarian Age is active, the teaching is open. Religion, through the Ages, the preservation of the Secret teaching. Then we are Initiate, we are master of the two Principles, Reason and Intuition, Positive and Negative.

Realization we reach the Plane of the ARCHETYPE. Thus on to the CHRISTIC Plane,


Note: Initiation is the last Plane for the ordinary human being. (Ref. Illumination, which, is only a sublimation of the EXTASIS; it is not contact with the Great All).

After people go beyond to the CHRISTIC plane, they may come back to show Humanity the Way to the “save “. After this comes REINTEGRATION, the FUSION in the NON-MANIFEST- NIRVANA.

Thus INVOLUTION into matter, and EVOLUTION into the GREAT ALL.

This is the Basis of all teaching at the school of Wisdom. This is the Invisible Teaching, the 1,2,3,4, over which we construct the Visible Teaching, the 5.

There are two ways to the Path:-

1. - Mysticism, (negative, subjective, feeling, faith). Very difficult.

2.-Knowledge, (positive, objective, understanding, knowing) but there comes a time when we can´t go on. We need the 2 Polarities. The Synthesis of the two.

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