Perth, Western Australia, 1951 – 1952

Perth, 30th March, 1951


Friday, March 30th 1951.


MAGIC begins with the Knowledge of PANTACLES, TALISMAN and PERFUME.

The PANTACLE is made in a metal fit to receive the shock of the Astral Plane.

All Magic is made in the Mental or Sub-Lunar Plane. But at times there is force we can’t control, and we need a Pantacle to protect ourselves.

The 1st is the Pythagorean Pantacle, made from a polygon of five sides, ie a pentagon, (pantagon).

Directions for its making:

1. Circle with diameters crossing at O.

2. Between O and D find mid-point M.

3. With radius AM make NP.

4. “ “ NA “ AQ.

5. “ “ PA “ AR.

6. Join 5 points as shown.

The 2nd is the Star of David, which, with additions, is the Seal of Solomon.

This is made from a Hexagon.

For protection when making Magic we need these two Pantacles raised in LEAD thus: (for the force returning from SATURN is terrific).

Join these two Symbols by Cord, 5 Star in front, 6 Start at back. This is the origin of the SCAPULAR of the R.C. Church.

Sun-plexus = 5 points

Sacro-plexus = 6 points

Special Roo
m in the Sanctuary

A: Wardrobe

B: Protection Circle

C: Little table with instruments: sword stick, etc.

D: [...]*(pulpit). Book of Magic formulas.

E: Altar

F: Table

G: Chair

The Wardrobe holds the different coloured clothes for the Magic of each day:

Black Magic – Black

White “ - White

Blood “ - Red

Healing “ - Green, etc.

At the Table and Chair he makes his Pantacle, incantation, incense.


A: Altar Stone

B: Candles (Fire)

C: Crystal (Water)

D: Incense (Air)

E: Relic (Earth)

F: Seal of Solomon (embroidered in Red and Black)

G: Colour of Cloth changed for the Magic required

H: Drawing in China ink (black and red) from elementary Seal of Solomon, with Alchemic Symbol (enlarged in Diagram Z) in centre.

Diagram Y:

This shows position of elements on the Altar. Note that FIRE is doubled. When Fire is doubled the Magic is only for materialistic things: ie 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc.

For Spiritual things then only ONE candle, and 3, 5, 7, 9, etc., for bigger ceremonies.

Diagram Z

*N.E.: Lectern?